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BBC’s Miranda Krestovnikoff: Buccament Bay Resort, Kids Sea Camp, conservation and precious family time…

April 17, 2013
Miranda K Image courtesy of Miranda's official website,

Miranda Krestovnikoff
Image courtesy of Miranda’s official website,

BBC wildlife presenter and passionate scuba diver, Miranda Krestovnikoff, enjoyed a family holiday at the luxury, all-inclusive Buccament Bay Resort in November 2012, when she attended the Kids Sea Camp event by Family Dive Adventures. She has kindly taken time out of her extraordinarily busy schedule to answer some questions about her experience, as well as her thoughts on the important issue of conservation – a topic close to the heart of the resort’s resident PADI 5 star dive centre, Indigo Dive.

Miranda studied Zoology at Bristol University and had already secured work at the BBC Natural History Unit before she even graduated. She has always loved to be outdoors and is passionate about wildlife and marine conservation, as is evident from her support of numerous charities, such as the National Trust, Canal & Rivers Trust, Ape Action Africa and the Shark Trust. A familiar face/voice to many, Miranda regularly appears on the BBC programme The One Show, as well as BBC’s Coast and numerous radio shows.

Harlequin: You support a lot of charities and projects to protect the natural world, which has become a more prominent issue in recent years – it could be said you loved the planet before it was cool! How do you feel about the progress (or indeed lack of it) being made?

Miranda: Nature has a delicate balance – one that we are upsetting more and more as time goes on. It’s hard to find the balance between having an exciting life, wanting to travel and explore, and trying to behave responsibly towards the planet.  Having children also makes you think more about your actions towards the planet and what you are going to leave behind you.  Hopefully I am doing my bit, persuading the kids to do theirs and spreading the word to others.

H: What first drew you to diving and what is it about the underwater world that fascinates you?

M: I am a complete water baby and I just love being in water. I have sort of an uncontrollable urge, when close to water, to fling myself into it, which can be a bit disconcerting to others, especially when filming!  I love that you can stand on a cliff or a beach and look out towards the sea and all that you see is a monochromatic mass of water – there are few clues as to what gems lie beneath. Then you put on your scuba gear or just a mask and snorkel, and put your head beneath the waves and there in front of you lie the most amazing colours and forms of coral, weed, fish and marine life.

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H: With your career, family and wide range of interests, you must be extremely busy. Does that make family holidays all the more important for you? What do you look for in a family holiday?

M: Time with my family is extremely precious – we don’t have enough spare time in our busy lives, so holidays are a time when we can get away from all the trappings of life at home and enjoy the outdoors with quality time together.

I don’t really mind where we go as long as there are ample opportunities for getting out and about and exploring new environments. Luckily the kids are at an age where they will go with the flow, lapping up every new adventure with energy and enthusiasm!

H: Tell us about your experience of Kids Sea Camp at Buccament Bay Resort.

M: Kids Sea Camp was just amazing. My little boy said he wanted to go back as soon as possible.  He also now seems to spend more time under the water than swimming on the top, like he’s supposed to!  The children were not just amused and looked after all day, but also taught about water skills, marine life ID, snorkelling, and the ultimate: the SASY diving programme.

My daughter, 7, has wanted to scuba dive ever since she saw me doing it on TV.  This is the next best thing for her age – wearing a mask and a regulator and feeling and looking like a real diver.  I would highly recommend it to anyone with kids like mine!

Indigo Dive & Watersports at Buccament Bay Resort

Indigo Dive & Watersports at Buccament Bay Resort

H: You have dived in locations all around the world. How does the diving in St Vincent & The Grenadines compare?

M: St Vincent waters are very special as far as diving is concerned. Due to the relatively small amount of divers that head there every year, the reefs are really well preserved, so you don’t see much, if any damage caused by diving or over fishing.

There are massive coral and sponge formations, caves and shipwrecks, stunning megafauna, like green turtles and various shark species, but it’s all the macro stuff that excites me – the tiny iridescent prawns hiding in amongst the coral, which you only see if you take time to stop and look and wait patiently.

H: What was your highlight of the diving in St Vincent & The Grenadines?

M: The highlight was definitely swimming in Tobago Cays with the green turtles.  The water there is so clear, shallow and warm, so it was ideal for the children and it was easy to find the turtles. We spent time with them, watching them eating underwater and swimming with them.  Experiences like this stay with you forever.

Fua maga (Large animal)

Megafauna (Large animal)

H: Lastly, putting diving aside, what did you enjoy most about your time at Buccament Bay Resort?

M: The resort is an incredibly relaxing place to be. As a family, you want to find the right balance between spending time with the children and having time as a couple or to yourself so you can relax. Buccament Bay gives you that choice.

Nothing was ever too much trouble and everything was done to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Food is also really important to us on holiday and we were all really well catered for. There was a lot of choice for the children and plenty of options for the grown ups.

Overall, it is the staff that really make the place buzz – they never stop smiling and that creates a lovely atmosphere where you feel welcome, valued as a guest, and safe with the children. We were all really sad to leave.

Bucc Bay FAM 089 copy

Buccament Bay Resort, St Vincent & The Grenadines

Find out more about Miranda and the work she does at her official website:

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