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Packing tips for your luxury Caribbean getaway

January 17, 2013


The Caribbean is known for its laid back charm emphasised by beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters and bright blue skies to lull people into sweet relaxation. However, packing to go on holiday can cause some people unnecessary stress in the lead up to their tropical escape or affect their enjoyment if they haven’t thought of something to take.

We’d hate for you to get caught out, so we’ve gathered together a few tips to help make packing a little easier for your trip.

Check lists:

It may sound like a bit of a dull task to some but there’s nothing dull about the sense of calm that comes from knowing you’ve ticked off everything you wanted to take. Make sure you do one for your hand luggage and one for your suitcase.


If you’ll arrive during the day, consider packing swimwear in your hand luggage so you have the option of starting your holiday as soon as you arrive without having to unpack your suitcase.


It goes without saying that too much sun can be harmful, so make sure you have cover-ups because you’ll probably be staying in the sun a lot.


There are four types of footwear that should be considered: flip flops for the pools and beach, athletic shoes or sturdy sandals for venturing further afield, and smarter shoes for dinner.


A tablet or laptop is great for the journey. If not for you then certainly for kids (and big kids) to keep them entertained so you can start relaxing as soon as the plane leaves the ground. Even a smart phone with some cool apps could do the job.

Other items:

Books/e-readers: getting your teeth into a juicy book is a great way to relax on the beach or around the pool; maybe you have one gathering dust that you never find the time for at home?


Hopefully some of these tips will come in useful when you’re packing for your next Caribbean escape, but if you do find that you’ve forgotten something important once you arrive, don’t panic, you can always use it as an excuse to do some shopping!

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